Yamamoto's Strength

CHAIRMAN Soichi Yamamoto

Since established in 1918, Yamamoto Co., Ltd. has specialized in the manufacture of agricultural machinery, including grain dryers and rice mill machines. During that time, we have been providing products and services that have satisfied our customers. Providing excellent products and services demands the growth of a company's employees. Indeed, "there is no terminal station on the road to improvement" There is no end to the spirit that seeks improvement. This spirit is the foundation supporting our company, and we have made it a constant precept, unchanged since our founding.
The only way we can receive the support of so many people both in Japan and overseas is to always create products and provide services that incorporate the customers' viewpoint.

PRESIDENT Takemi Yamamoto

Observers think that the market for agricultural machinery is now shrinking. We believe that in such a situation, we should continuously devote ourselves to research and development. In that way, our products and services, which feature labor-saving characteristics, rationality, and efficiency, will be increasingly utilized.
We are also actively expanding our business in the environmental sector, which is now the focus of attention. We offer proposals for new products by making the maximum use of our R&D capabilities and the three "seeds" of our company; "combustion", "selecting", and "cutting" technology. We will continue to advance into the future in partnerships as a company with the responsibility for providing safe and secure agricultural products and as a company that is a citizen of the regional and global community.

Our Vision

Creating personal connections

We at Yamamoto Co., Ltd. always listen to the customers voice who use our products. That means more than just listening during sales. We seek to hear their opinions directly by accompanying the dealers who sell our products to provide maintenance and conduct checks on our products. We value these opinions because they are crucial for creating our new products. We can provide satisfying products and services by building trusting relationship with the customer. That's why we develop strong ties with the community and give credence to even the most critical opinions.

Creating ideas

In addition to the technology and expertise we have developed since our founding as a manufacturer specializing in post-harvest equipment, we also incorporate the opinions of our customers. We are fully understanding the work of the producers, and for that reason we can make products that our customers truly require.

Yamamoto Co., Ltd. conducts repeated design review conferences from each product until completion. Our staffs transcend the sector boundaries of technology, sales and manufacturing , checking the product concepts and functions from every possible perspective. The result is a complete new product or service that has constantly been improved.

Creating our workforce

Employees must be encouraged to grow in order for a company to continuously provide products and services that satisfy the customer. We at Yamamoto Co., devote our attention to training personnel that become our "human assets."

Craftsmanship starts with the development of personnel. We improve the employee's specialized skills in stages by identifying what they need to perform their job well. That becomes the basis for our comprehensive training. We are also actively involved in developing the people in our community development by providing internships for local high school and university students and accepting trainees from international organizations.

Creating products

In our plant, we adhere to "make Yamamoto products that you would want to buy" to keep in mind that our manufacturing process ends with the customer, and that we are responsible for what we sell to them. We are attentive to every detail, keeping in mind the circumstances of the customer who will actually use our products. We also have third parties thoroughly check inside our plants for inefficiencies in our production reformation designed to optimize the manufacturing process.

Main Field of Expertise


Ever since our founding, Yamamoto Co., Ltd. has been a valuable partner to agricultural producers, developing and providing variegated machines and systems that reduce labor and integrate operations from the drying process of rice after harvest to agricultural processing and distribution. Set to be the food of tomorrow, Japan's agriculture is heading toward the turning point in new agricultural administration directives. Further intensification and implementation of market mechanisms are planned. In this , as a visible specialty manufacturer, we at Yamamoto Co., Ltd. will continue to listen to the customers who use our products, researching and developing so that we can provide safe and reliable agricultural products.


Rice Milling & Processing

Rice is the staple in Japan. Yamamoto Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in polished rice processing machines that fulfill needs of many different kinds of dishes. We consider that safety, reliability, and taste of rice in implementing our "Beginning with brown rice and ending with dining tables" theme, maintaining reliable rice production and creating delicious meal creations.

Yamamoto Co., Ltd. is proud of how we support food culture, such as the foundation for a new rice distribution system in Japan we have built based on rice polishing machines. We will continue to search out, pursue, and create new food opportunities.

Rice Milling & Processing


As a manufacturer that has been providing mainly agricultural machinery and systems that interact with nature, working to protect the environment is a vital theme, Protecting our precious plants environment. Effective use of our limited natural resources. Environmental problems are important global issue. Yamamoto Co., Ltd. has a profound history of research and development in agricultural machinery, with which we are going to specialize and apply in environmental fields. We are working to develop environmentally friendly products with a focus on acquiring biomass energy to assist in preventing global warming, as well as recycling applications for waste materials.



We started our business as a Straw cutting equipment manufacturer.
1946....Cutting MachineCutting Machine
Cylinder type cutting machine Application: Straw, Wood
We are Pioneer and have been contributed to Livestock farmers.
1966....Grain DryerCutting Machine
Largest and leading manufacturing Company in this field.
Batch type circulating grain dryers Holding capacity:900kg to 30,000kg
1984....Rice Milling MachineCutting Machine
Combination type Rice Milling Machine (Abrasive and Friction are set as one unit machine) -Capacity:600kg to 8,000kg / hour
1990....Environmental MachineryCutting Machine
We focus on the future of the Earth and business development of new fields.
-"Hi-Melter" melting Styrofoam
-Pellet Stove



Address 5800-1, Higashine-ko, Higashine-shi, Yamagata 999-3701, Japan
Phone : +81-237-51-1004 Fax : +81-237-43-8820
E-mail world@yamamoto-ss.co.jp
Established 1918
Employee 324
Business Rice Milling Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Environmental Machinery

Transportation to our company:Higashine is located in the central part of Yamagata Prefecture.
Ex.:Take The Yamagata Bullet train to Sakuranbo-Higashine Station.
3 hours and half from Tokyo Station.

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