North America

North America
  • Rice Milling Machine
  • Dry Polisher (Kapika Machine)
  • Husking Machine
  • Magnetic Separator
  • De-stoner
  • Germ Rice Processing Machine

South America

  • Dry Polisher (Kapika Machine):Paddy Husker:PHM-1000


South America
  • Rice Milling Machine : YMP-70K
  • Dry Polisher (Kapika Machine) : DP-5000K
  • Pre-washed Rice Milling Machine (Musenmai) : ER-1500
  • De-stoner : CSP-500
  • Germ Rice Processing Machine : VP-1500CAE
  • Grain Dryer : SD-80H, 100H, 120H
    : SD-220H, 260H, 300H


Machinery, such as Paddy Husker, Paddy Separator, Rice Milling Machine and so on which should meet Long grain rice users' request is coming soon. Now, machine is available for short and medium grain rice. We keep you the updated information.