Laboratory equipment

Testing Husker

Testing Husker

Works for Long grain rice. RPM is adjustable.
This model has a shelling impeller instead of using traditional rubber rolls, This allows rice grains, with relatively high moisture content, to be shelled with high efficiency, regardless of the type of rice.

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Testing Whitener

Testing Mill

Works for Long grain rice. Special Roll and Screens are available.
This model is a friction type vertical whitener, all rice inside the milling chamber can be discharged. This special feature allows you to obtain an acurate milling yield.

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Grading Sifter


Head rice, broken and bran balls are separated by Screen (woven)size.

*This model has been designed for Short and Medium grain. It does not work properly for Long grain usage.

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Digital Grain Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

Digital display moisture meter

Application: Paddy, Brown rice, Milled rice, Barley, wheat, Naked barley

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