SD-84H2 / SD-96H2 / SD-108H2 / SD-120H2



① Operation Panel

Operation Panel

Control panel with large letters and clear displays make the visibility good, and it is user-friendly.

The hot air temperature and circulation speed are computed automatically by the loaded amount, outside temperature, and moisture value. The best suited drying operation goes flawlessly.

② Heat Controller

Heat Controller

Suction Blower mixes the hot air with open air and supplies stable heat to dryer. The hot air temperature is kept within ±1 degree range of the set temperature.

③ Upper Box

Upper Box

The robust structural supports withstand the weight of fully loaded amount.

The main panels are made of stainless-steel for keeping the long-life.

④ Lower and Upper Screw

Lower and Upper Screw

Heavy-duty screw keeps the conveying stable.

The edge of the screw has two layers of hardened steel and stainless steel.

⑤ Drying Chamber

Drying Chamber

The grains are dried mildly, evenly, and speedily by the effectively designed 8-layer drying chamber. (4-layer in case of 120H2)

The screens are made of stainless-steel for keeping the long-life.

⑥ Moisture Sensor

Moisture Sensor

YAMAMOTO's original moisture sensor has high reliability, durability, and accuracy.

The grain moisture is measured every 30minutes during the dry operation. When the measured grain moisture reaches the set value, the dry operation stops automatically.

⑦ Slide Plate

Slide Plate

The slide plates made of stainless-steel in the bottom box has high durability.

⑧ Shutter Drum

Shutter Drum

Even circulation of grains makes the grain moisture even. The grains of each layer in the drying chamber drop from four quarters alternately in order of front side, back side, right side, and left side.

Mixing the grains well and drying the grains evenly ensure high head-rice recovery.



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Model Name SD-84H2 SD-96H2 SD-108H2 SD-120H2
Handling Capacity
(Paddy 560g/litter)
Maximum kg 8,400 9,600 10,800 12,000
Minimum kg 2,000
Net weight   kg 1,920 1,980 2,040 2,100
Filled weight   kg 10,320 11,580 12,840 14,100
Dimensions Length mm 4,080
Width mm 1,985
Height mm 6,715 7,315 7,915 8,515
Blower Type Diagonal flow fan / Belt driven type
Voltage 3 Phases 220(440)V-60Hz , 380V-50Hz
Required Power Blower kW 4.0 / -
Lower screw kW 0.55
kW 1.1
Upper screw kW -
kW 0.1
kW 0.05
Shutter drum kW 0.06
kW 0.015
kW 2.2
Dumper kW 0.006
Adjuster kW 0.006
Sum kW 8.09
Performance Loading
t/h 13
t/h 9
Loading time min 40 45 50 55
min 57 65 73 81
Drying rate %/h 1.0-1.5 1.0-1.5 0.9-1.5 0.8-1.5
Heat Source   Husk furnace
heat quantity
kcal/h 120,000 140,000 160,000 180,000
kW 140 163 186 210
  1. The drying rates are the referential value. Actual value is fluctuated by the supplied heat amount, outside temperature, relative humidity, initial moisture, dust room area, and so on.
  2. The values of loading and unloading performance are the value of cases handling long-grain rice.
  3. Above specifications and dimension might be changed due to Yamamoto's continuous development program.