Corporate Profile


Trading Name Yamamoto Co., Ltd.
Headquarters 5800-1, Higashine-ko, Higashine-shi, Yamagata 999-3701, Japan
Tel. +81-237-51-1004
Fax. +81-237-43-882
Founding 1918
Incorporation August 1961
Employees 289 (as of April 2021)
Export Destinations China, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, U.S.A., South America, Africa, etc.

Overseas Locations

Suzhou Mizuho Machinery Co., Ltd.

3 Jin Yan Road, Suzhou New District, Suzhou 215151, China

Our Expertise


Since our founding in 1918, Yamamoto has been a valuable partner to agricultural producers, developing and providing machines and systems that reduce labor and integrate operations from the drying process of rice after harvest to processing and distribution.

We continue to listen to our customers, research, and develop safe and reliable agricultural products.

Grain Dryers

Rice Milling & Processing

We are a manufacturer specializing in polished rice processing machines that fulfill the needs of many different kinds of dishes.

Our motto is, “Beginning with brown rice and ending with dining tables.” Thus, in addition to safety, reliability, and efficiency, our machines are designed to produce better-tasting rice.

Rice Milling Machines


As a manufacturer of agricultural machinery and systems that interact with nature, we are dedicated to doing our part to protect the environment.

By applying deep expertise accumulated through over a century of agricultural machinery R&D, we are working to improve the environmental sustainability of rice milling operations. Our initiatives include incorporating biomass energy to prevent global warming and developing methods for recycling waste materials.

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