Digital Grain Moisture Meter YM-8E

No adjustment required even if variety of grains to be measured or ambient temperature change.



Brown rice

Milled rice



Naked barley

Product Features

Automatic Average Moisture Content Calculation

No adjustment is required even if the type of grains to be measured or ambient temperature changes.

Easily Measure Multiple Grain Types

Directly measure the moisture content of paddy, brown rice, milled rice, barley, wheat, and naked barley.

Simple Operation

The average values of measurements are shown in the LCD display panel. Each of the machine’s operations can be performed with the simple touch of the buttons.


Model Name YM-8E
Measuring Materials Paddy, Brown rice, Milled rice, Barley, Wheat and Naked barley
Measuring Range Paddy 8.7 ~ 40.0 %
Brown rice 9.1 ~ 40.0 %
Milled rice 9.8 ~ 20.0 %
Barley 8.0 ~ 34.3 %
Wheat 8.6 ~ 35.0 %
Naked barley 8.4 ~ 34.7 %
Display Accuracy 0.1% (1%, in case of over 30%)
Measuring Accuracy +/- 0.5% (at 10% ~ 20%)
Ambient temperature to be operated 5°C ~ 40°C (Except dew point)
Display method LCD Digital display
Exchange method Direct indication of exchange figure automatically
Temperature compensation Automatic compensation
Power source Dry battery, 1.5V (AM3) × 4 pieces
Dimensions 175(W) × 100(D) × 72(H) (mm)
Weight 480 grams
Accessories Carrying case, Hand huller, Brush, Sample saucer (2 pieces), Spoon, Tweezers and Operation manual

* We are continuously innovating. Therefore specifications and dimensions are subject to change.

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