Testing Whitener VP-32T

Our compact vertical friction type whitener allows all the rice in the milling chamber to be ejected, allowing for accurate and repeatable measurement of the milling recovery rate. This machine is used by the Japan Grain Inspection Association as standard equipment. Also, it is widely used in other public institutions in Japan.

Product Features

Easy Operation

Start operation at any time using its built-in motor. The milling angle can be quickly adjusted using an easy-to-access handle.

Accurate Milling Recovery Rate Measurement

Mill as little as 200 grams of brown rice. The separated bran is neatly collected in the bran box.

Compact Design

You can complete the inspection on the table.

Most Popular Testing Whitener

Used at universities, laboratories, and many other public organizations in Japan. Approved by the Japan Grain Inspection Association.


Model Name VP-32T
Type of Machine - Vertical friction
Length mm 440
Width mm 320
Height mm 775
Net Weight kg 23
Revolution rpm 1,440 (50Hz) / 1,730 (60Hz)
Power Supply - 1 phase 100V
Capacity kg/h 30
Hopper Capacity kg 5
Minimum milling amount kg 0.3
Safety divice - Automatic stop for motor overload

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about our Laboratory Equipment.

What kind of power supply can be used for this Testing Whitener?

Only single-phase 100V is available. If single-phase 100V is not available in your area, please use a down transformer to make single-phase 100V and supply it to the machine. The required capacity is 1kVA or more.

For Owners

Maintenance & Troubleshooting:

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