Testing Husker FC2R-Y
USDA-Approved Model

It is equipped with an impeller instead of standard rubber rolls, enabling it to remove husks even in high moisture conditions. This makes it possible to evaluate the quality of freshly received paddy with high moisture content.

It also has a husk aspirator function, which allows the user to determine the amount of brown rice contained in the husk. Adjusting an aspirator of your husker will lead to a higher rice milling recovery rate.

Product Features

Determine Brown Rice Quality

  • Detects grains included in rice husks.
  • High husking efficiency, even for rice with high moisture content.

Compact and Highly Functional

  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Easy and quick husking even for small amounts of rice.
  • Ready for operation due to built-in motor.
  • Automatic husk collecting system equipped with integrated cyclone.


Model Name FC2R-Y
Husking System - Impeller
Length mm 598
Width mm 357
Height mm 628
Net Weight kg 23
Revolution rpm 3,200 - 3,900 (standard: 3,500)
Fan diameter mm 250
Fan width mm 40
Number of blade - 8
Power supply - 1 phase 100V
Capacity kg/h 60 - 120
Hopper capacity kg 3.5

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about our Laboratory Equipment.

What kind of power supply can be used for the test equipment?

Only single-phase 100V is available. If single-phase 100V is not available in your area, please use a down transformer to make single-phase 100V and supply it to the machine. The required capacity is 1kVA or more.

Can the VP-32T be used to process long grains?

Yes, it is possible under certain conditions. Please use the optional Gauze Screen and Straight Roll as a set.

For Owners

Maintenance & Troubleshooting:

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