Vertical Friction Polisher

The Vertical Friction Polisher applies uniform pressure while vertically aligning the rice with gravity, resulting in a higher milling recovery rate.

Product Features

High Milling Recovery Rate

Our XPF-50/60 mills the rice evenly without excessive power because the input rice is already ground uniformly by the XPA-25 in the previous milling process. Consequently, the milled-rice recovery rate is higher by 0.5 to 1.0%*.

* As per our internal tests.

Low Milling Temperatures

Since the rice flows vertically down during milling, the pressure inside the milling chamber becomes even. This results in significantly lower temperatures compared with traditional machines.

Optimal Residual Grain Removal

Residual grain can easily be discharged by simply moving the exhaust lever manually.

Easy maintenance

Because of its simple structure, machine parts can be easily replaced. The XPF-50’s structure follows the same simplified design approach as our XPA-25. Thus, maintenance tasks are quicker and easier.

Dry & Mist Type Polisher Options

We offer two innovative approaches to achieving higher quality white rice.

  • Vertical Friction Mist Polisher: Our XPF-50M machine features a mist treatment that sprays water on the surface of white rice to whiten its appearance.
  • Vertical Friction Dry Polisher: Our XPF-50D machine provides a polishing treatment that removes residual bran without using water.

Customer Stories

One of our customers operates a large rice milling plant in Philippines. Using our Abrasive Whitener and Friction Polisher machines significantly increased their milling recovery rate and their presence in the market.


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Model Name XPF-50/60
Input brown rice capacity t/h 2 ~ 5
Demensions Length mm 1,980
Width mm 1,315
Height mm 2,246
Net Weight kg 1,500
Height of milled rice outlet mm 599
Necessary Power kW 3-phase
200 / 220 / 380 / 420 / 460V
Motor kW 39.2(XPF-50) / 47.2(XPF-60)
Required Air volume m3/min 50
Required static pressure kpa more than 2

* Precise capacity depends on brown rice variety and quality of input.

* We are continuously innovating. Therefore specifications and dimensions are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about our rice grain drying and milling machines.

Which machine should I use to mill long grain rice?

Selecting the most suitable machine depends on the variety of long grain, drying method, and required capacity. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the necessary information and make suggestions.

How long will consumable parts keep in stock?

For each of our machines, we continue to offer consumable parts for ten years after its production is discontinued.

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