Grading Sifter SF-301

Features highly efficient and accurate separation technology. Basic maintenance can be performed without tools, making daily operation easy.

Product Features

Two-Way Sorting Motion

Three sieves placed from top to bottom move rotationally and linearly, enabling a higher separating rate. Three sieves effectively separate fine grains, broken grains, and bran balls from milled rice. They move in a combined circular motion, which minimizes vibration.

Compact Design

Because of the two-way motion of the smaller sieves, these machines can process the same capacity as traditional rotary shifters. As a result, our machines are much more compact than standards.

Adjustable Outlet Direction

The operator can select to output the grain to the left or right.

Easy to Maintain

Detachable fixing knobs allow manual cleaning of internal parts and sieve replacement without any tools.

Customer Stories

One of our customers in the Philippines, QTR, is producing top-quality rice at a high selling price by means of a semi-automated milling line entirely equipped with Yamamoto equipment, including our Grading Sifter.


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Model Name SF-301
Length mm 1,447
Width mm 807
Height mm 1,139
Weight kg 176
Capacity t/h 3 (Max)
Voltage mm 3-phase 200V
Power - 3-phase
200 / 220 / 380 / 420 / 460V
Req.Power kW 0.4
Mesh of each sieve 1st sieve mm 4.38
2nd sieve mm 1.94
3rd sieve mm 1.04

* Due to Yamamoto’s continuous development program, specifications and dimensions may change.

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For Owners

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