Paddy Husker YSA-100
Closed circuit type

High-Performance Paddy Husker.
Easy to operate. Superior separation accuracy.

Product Features

High Husking Performance

The husking performance is improved with inclining rubber rolls, a pneumatic husking structure, and an adjustable chute angle.

Steady Operation

No adjustment is necessary once the aspiration is appropriately set because the amount of input paddy is kept constant by the vibratory feeder and sensor. The aspirator has inspection windows on three sides, allowing the operation to be monitored and providing easy maintenance access to interior parts.

Easy Maintenance

Our Paddy Husker is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning during use. Features a cover that can be opened without the need for tools.

Customer Stories

After installing one of our Paddy Huskers, a large rice milling plant in Philippines experienced significant productivity gains, removing large numbers of husks with high precision.


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Model Name YSA-100
Length mm 2,052
Width mm 1,860
Height mm 2,600
Rubber Roll inch 10
Input Capacity
(long grain-short grain)
t/h 3~7.5
Net Weight kg 1,300
Power - 3-phase
220 / 380 / 420V
Motor Head (SH-100) kW 7.5
Aspirator (AS-100) kW 3.9

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about our rice grain drying and milling machines.

What is the machine’s capacity?

It depends on the type and size of the paddy to be processed. So please let us know the information about the paddy.

What voltage is required?

Please let us know the voltage available at your facilities, and we can adjust the motor to match the supply available.

Besides electricity, what else does the machine require to operate?

Our Paddy Husker requires a 0.65MPa air compressor to operate.

For Owners

Maintenance & Troubleshooting:

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